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Siem Reap


  • Flight Time: 12 Hours
  • Time Zone: UTC +7:00
  • Best Time to Travel: November - April

Siem Reap is a very small and walk-able city and just a few miles from one of the greatest treasures in the world - the magnificent remains of Angkor Wat. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site containing the magnificent remains of the Khmer civilization.

In the ninth century, the Khmer established Angkor as the capital of their huge kingdom stretching from present-day Thailand to Vietnam's Mekong Delta. For the next six centuries they ruled one of the largest empires in South East Asia. Angkor cultivated a power base of a mighty military and political force, and a rich and sophisticated civilisation. The ruins seen today represent successive capitals constructed by a dozen Khmer kings, between the 9th and 13th Centuries. These were cities of massive stone temples, wide majestic causeways, thrusting towers and imposing gates. The sheer size and magnificence of Angkor Wat is compelling.

There is plenty of lively night-life available in Siem Reap. From dinner theatre with traditional cuisine and performing arts to Western bars, there should be something to suit your preference. Most of the popular bars, both Cambodian and Western in style, are at the Old Market area.

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  • Siem Reap

    Tara Angkor Hotel

    Tara Angkor Hotel is the first 4-Star Luxury Hotel built in the mystical land of Angkor. Ideally and conveniently located, Tara Angkor Hotel is situated only 6 km from the World Heritage site of Angkor Wat Temples,

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  • Sokha Angkor Resort
    Siem Reap

    Sokha Angkor Resort

    Sokha Angkor Resort is a 4-star luxury Resort that offers all the services and facilities of an international hotel and is a leading property in Siem Reap. Located in the heart of Siem Reap and within walking to local attractions.

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  • Angkor Palace Resort & Spa
    Siem Reap

    Angkor Palace Resort & Spa

    Experience the heart of ultimate luxury and bask in the splendor of elegance at Angkor Palace Resort & Spa, the perfect base to explore the legendary Angkor Temples and undiscovered treasures in Cambodia.

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About Cambodia

Our dedicated South East Asia team are passionate about travel and will help you choose sights, activities and cultural experiences that will enrich your next holiday to Cambodia.

Cambodia is located in South-east Asia. It is bordered by Laos and Thailand to the north, Vietnam to the east and Thailand to the west. It is a wonderful country that offers a real journey of discovery for the intrepid traveller. The country is far less commercialised than others in the region but has real charm and authenticity.

  • Getting There

    • Cambodia has two airports, Phnom Penh International Airport and Siem Reap International Airport.
    • Three airlines now operate the route between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, with up to 10 flights a day.
    • Cambodia boasts numerous land crossings with all of its neighbours.
  • Travel Guide

    • Most travellers visit Cambodia from November to March.
    • If you prefer to go when prices are lower, the best time to visit is from May to early October.
    • Cambodia is warm year-round with temperatures rarely dipping below 68°F (20°C), wherever you go.
  • We Recommend

    • The ruins of Angkor are found to the north of the Tonle Sap Lake near modern-day Siem Reap.
    • The Bayon is at the centre of Angkor Thom, which forms the heart of the Angkor complex.
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