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USA - East Coast


The East Coast of the United States is the coastline along which the Eastern United States meets the North Atlantic Ocean. The East Coast of the US lies home to some of the most famous cities and areas in the entire country. From the Big Apple to historic Boston and the capital city of Washington DC.

From the landing at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts, by European settlers in the 17th century, to the battles for independence against England in the Revolutionary War to the drafting of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution - the United States of America began in the cities and towns of the East Coast. Boston and Philadelphia, in particular, feature attractions that appeal to tourists' thirst for knowledge about this nation's colonial past. While this part of the country harbours much of the nation's early history, it is also strikingly modern and features the country's biggest and most bustling cities. New York City, one of the most visited cities in the world, is the financial and cultural capital of the USA. Meanwhile, Washington, DC, the capital city of the United States, is more than just the seat of government, but a young, vibrant town booming with new restaurants, bars, and activities for every type of traveller

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Regions & Cities of USA - East Coast

Take a look at our recommended destinations for your holiday
  • Georgia
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    Whether you are looking to relax and unwind on pristine beaches or world-class golf courses, explore history and culture or seek adventure off the beaten track; the State of Georgia offers something for everyone, complemented by the warm, welcoming hospitality of its people. A holiday in the Peach State is one that you'll remember for a lifetime.

  • Massachusetts
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    Looking for a cosmopolitan destination where you can experience history, fine dining, tax free shopping, sports and much more! Massachusetts is the place for you where you can combine the scenic coastline, rural countryside and the big city buzz of Boston.

  • New York (State)
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    New York (State)

    Often when people think about New York they only think of New York City. But - There’s another New York beyond the “Big Apple” –it’s New York State and it offers an untold number of amazing holiday experiences.

  • Pennsylvania
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    History is what makes visiting Pennsylvania a unique experience. The USA was born in Philadelphia, saved at Gettysburg and ushered in the Industrial Revolution in cities of Pittsburgh, Johnstown, Scranton, Allentown, Erie, and York to name a few. It was on Pennsylvania soil that the South seceded to the North, spelling out a tale of American history.

  • Washington DC
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    Washington DC

    In the famous capital city of the United States, Washington DC, you'll enjoy access to fascinating, free attractions and historic sights. Touch a moon rock, marvel at the Hope Diamond, view Dorothy's Ruby Red slippers or explore Native American culture at the Smithsonian Institution's fifteen Washington, DC area facilities.

Resorts & Hotels of USA - East Coast VIEW ALL

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  • Paramount Hotel
    New York (City)

    Paramount Hotel

    The Paramount is a 597 -room boutique hotel in New York City’s Theater District, just half a block from Times Square.

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  • Roosevelt Hotel
    New York (City)

    Roosevelt Hotel

    The Roosevelt is a quintessential New York City hotel, where classic elegance meets contemporary luxury in the heart of New York City.

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  • Row NYC
    New York (City)

    Row NYC

    Set in Times Square and adjacent to the Majestic Theater, this hip, art-filled hotel is a 12-minute walk from Rockefeller Center and 0.6 miles from Madison Square Garden.

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Multi Centre Holidays VIEW ALL

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  • Boston, New York & Washington, D.C. Multi Centre
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    Boston, New York & Washington, D.C. Multi Centre

    Visit Boston Massachusetts a cosmopolitan city where you can experience history, fine dining and tax free shopping. Then take a trip to the big apple where you can shop till you drop. Finally visit the USA's Capital where there are many historic sights.

    3 holiday destinations

    9 nights

  • American Stay in Boston, Plymouth and Cape Cod
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    American Stay in Boston, Plymouth and Cape Cod

    Experience the best of Massachusetts with a seven-night trip that takes you from historic Boston to 'America's home town' of Plymouth, before finishing up on Cape Cod with its stunning beaches which are consistently ranked among the best in the USA

    3 holiday destinations

    7 nights

  • Iconic American Stay in New York and Las Vegas
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    Iconic American Stay in New York and Las Vegas

    Visit New York. From Wall Street's skyscrapers to the neon of Times Square to Central Park's leafy paths, This City pulses with an irrepressible energy. Then visit the entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas, a top destination for UK travellers

    2 holiday destinations

    7 nights