Explore Doha with Qatar Airways

Explore Doha with Qatar Airways

Doha is a five-star destination and a growing magnet for discerning and adventurous travellers. Qatar’s capital waits to welcome you with world-class hotels, gourmet dining experiences and luxury shopping.

Doha is evolving, and fast. Its growth rate rivals those of most of the world’s cities, but it still has a wealth of culture on display for you to enjoy. Much of this is contained in the many museums scattered across the city. The Museum of Islamic Art is not only a journey through 1,400 years of Islamic culture from three continents but is also an iconic city landmark. The equally fascinating Sheikh Faisal Museum is a private collection of more than 3,000 pieces, including ancient Islamic manuscripts, textiles and antiquities.

If you walk along the Corniche in Al Rumeilia Park, you will find Doha Heritage Village. A showcase for traditional Qatari life, it offers you the chance to see demonstrations of activities such as pearl trading and weaving. The village often puts on festivals and events to show visitors the richness of Qatari culture.

Your fantastic Doha experience starts when you fly with Qatar Airways where they will offer you an unparalleled travel experience. Their legendary hospitality and world-class service has been exclusively tailored to meet their customers onboard needs. Enjoy extraordinary cuisine, choose from up to 4,000 entertainment options, or just sit back and enjoy your spacious sanctuary in the sky.

It’s easy to see that Doha is a great way to encounter Arabian culture. So If you think Doha is a great holiday destination for you, contact us to book a flight with Qatar Airways for an unforgettable stay in this glistening Gulf gem.

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