Indian Ocean

It is an exotic, enticing ocean littered with coral and sand islands - and we can say from experience that it doesn't disappoint.

This part of the world is simply paradise and is home to luxurious destinations such as the Maldives and Mauritius, but also carries heaps of culture in destinations such as Sri Lanka - A magnificent tropical paradise featuring famous UNESCO Heritage Sites & Wildlife National Parks


The Maldives are made up of many small islands that evoke images of white sands, swaying palm trees and crystal blue waters.

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Sri Lanka

Holidays to Sri Lanka are perfect for those who like their beach-lazing with a side order of dazzling culture.

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Mauritius is a tropical fantasy of an island in the southern Indian Ocean, blessed with sunshine and endless beaches.

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Dubai & Mauritius

First of all, undertake an Arabian adventure and immerse yourself in the world famous, cosmopolitan city of Dubai. Then lose yourself in the...

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Dubai & Maldives

Undertake an Arabian adventure and immerse yourself in the world-famous cosmopolitan city of Dubai. Then unravel yourself in the stunning white...

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