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Europe must be one of the most diverse continents in the world. You can visit the sun-soaked Islands of Greece, Then venture to the breath-taking volcanic and mountainous island of Iceland, to watch some of the world’s most famous natural phenomenon’s in the winter.

Discover unforgettable European escapes with THG Holidays. We offer hand-selected destinations offering pristine beaches, cultural centers, historic monuments, and natural wonders just a short flight away. Whether it's a family adventure, city break, or romantic getaway, our travel experts will give you your perfect holiday


Iceland the Land of Fire & Ice offers a whole host of natural wonders – volcanic landscapes, erupting geysers, and thermal lagoons. Above Iceland...

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Embrace the Allure of Italy, A Mesmerizing Blend of History and Art - From Venice's Enchanting Canals to Rome's Ancient Marvels, Savour Exquisite...

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You don’t need much encouragement to get out and explore Greece’s cities and islands. The weather, the landscape, the history, the food,...

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Athens & Santorini

Explore one of the most historic capitols in the world where you can take in your fix of ancient wonders before hopping over to the picturesque...

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