Deep South Music Tour

Take a 12-night musical journey through some of the most iconic music destinations America has to offer

The Southern Music Trail

Journey through the musical hotspots of the USA: Travel through Chicago, St Louis, Nashville, Memphis, Natchez and New Orleans.

Your musical journey starts in the windy city. When thinking of the blues, many immediately think of cities such as Memphis. However, Chicago hosts a huge blues music scene. This is mostly down to a term known as “the great migration” where poor black workers from the south moved to industrial cities such as Chicago, and therefore brought their music with them. Then travel to St Louis for a similar story.

After having a touch of the blues, you will head down to the most famous country music city on the planet. Nashville, the birthplace of country music where the sound of foot-tapping honky tonk beats mingles with the hum of country crooners taking to the mic. Often known as Music City, a visit isn’t complete without hitting up The Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry to learn about the stars who started their careers here.

Travel further south to Memphis. A vibrant city on the banks of the Mississippi River where the dulcet tones of blues guitar riffs collide with the scent of smoky BBQ and Elvis is always in the building. Then visit the town of Natchez for some classic southern hospitality, before heading to the ultimate music destination, New Orleans.

New Orleans, a uniquely eclectic city where history, music and gastronomy combine to dazzling effect. Where jazz musicians burst into impromptu street performances, steam ships cruise along the Mississippi and creole cuisine reigns supreme.


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